About Us for carz.taurus.one

Tarus.co is a small private company from Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean. We provide multiple solutions for multiple industries to assist retailers and sellers take advantage of digital revolution and e-commerce by providing them a platform that does all the work for them.

Setting up an online business can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. To say the programming is cumbersome, costly, hard to arrange and disappointing to utilize, is an understatement.  Incalculable hours are squandered attempting to alter these arrangements and they frequently require costly expert administrations to get everything to work. In the end the arrangement turns out to be mind boggling to such an extent that business needs to procure full-time workers to keep an eye on programming.

At Taurus.co, we take care of all of this. We are one platform that rules all. You can buy everything at one place. Currently we have 3 products and we are explaining all the time.

The entirety of our products focus on this objective of reducing friction to sell online. We finish off by providing you with personal support to get you going.  Furthermore, the best part is, you don't need to use up every last cent to make them work. We provide you reliable plans that cater everyone needs and can be used by everyone at low rates for both the sellers and buyers.  There is a try before buy tier for you to take us for a test drive.

We are focused on presenting SaaS Applications for services and products across multiple industries. We offer skilful web applications  E-commerce setups and are continuously automating the process and workflows.

We are helping people get online, with a fully managed platform. Regardless of whether you're beginning an online business without any preparation or taking your in-person business on the web, with us, you get fully updated products with best features that our clients can use for their needs and have a great experience. Our incredible assets make it simple to assemble an expert, versatile enhanced site and develop your business with coordinated showcasing, fully integrated marketing and progressed analytics. We likewise handle the manual problems of running an effective online store by improving shipping, expenses, and stock administration.

At Taurus.co we enable online retailers with big business level capacities to drive more business, while diminishing the intricacy to accomplish it. We aim to ensure that all  retailers get an equal access to digital innovation and all the tools and approaches that large global retail brands have had for quite a long time, so they can compete and win against greater spending plans and assets at great rates.

We have a team of, both, in house developers and external developers. Using leading high tech technologies and employing industry standard frameworks and procedures that benefits our customer’s needs. We will continue to add new products and features and services to enhance our platforms, benefiting our customers more.

We bring certainty, excitement and particular skill to online arrangements so we can place you and your business in the ideal spot on the data superhighway.

Our products are developed in an efficient way keeping the digital world problems in mind. Therefore you can do the following mentioned works easily by yourself.

We are constantly marketing our portal, so you do not need to market, but you can. We will drive the traffic to the portal, people will come to our portal because they can find everything.

Why Taurus.co?

carz.taurus.one is a leading advanced portal for the car business that brings together buyers and sellers. It enables customers with the information, assets and computerized tools expected to settle on best purchasing choices and flawlessly associate with car retailers. In a quickly evolving market, carz.taurus.one empowers dealerships with advanced  solutions to increase their reach and impact. 

Dealers can create a dealer account that allows them to brand themselves, gives them  their own unique domain name, customize their look and feel.   While individuals can just go and put a post up in the general website. 

We aim to streamline the process for both the buyer and seller, by providing and integrating tools that will speed up the process.

Carz.taurus.one platform is made for dealers and sellers, to make it a quick and simple process. With built in features that automate many processes and allow you to manage and analyze your business, we reduce time needed to manage your business so you can focus on actually running it.



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